Develop a complete multi-modal transportation network for pedestrians, bikes, transit, and automobiles.

Develop updated street design standards that allow for and
balance the needs of all forms of transportation.

Provide opportunities for healthy lifestyles through walking
as a primary mode of transportation.

Make transit a more attractive
option for all City residents.

Enhance the bicycle network by expanding bicycle facilities
that are safe, comfortable, and easily accessible.


MoveDSM is Des Moines’ first citywide transportation planning effort. MoveDSM will establish a multi-modal vision for transportation in Des Moines over the next 25 years. The MoveDSM plan will clearly identify how transportation supports the City’s goals outlined in PlanDSM for safety, quality of life and economic development and ensure that Des Moines is best positioned to provide transportation options for all citizens in every stage of life.


There are lots of ways to stay up-to-date on project information and learn more about the plan development process. The links below will connect you with resources on this webpage and other ways to get involved:


PlanDSM | Creating Our Tomorrow  is the City of Des Moines' Comprehensive Plan for how it will grow into the future. It consists of a vision statement of values the City considers important for the future; goals and policies for eight different Plan elements; a separate element addressing social equity; an implementation chapter describing how the Plan can be realized; and, a Future Land Use Map.

Link to PlanDSM Website
Des Moines' first citywide transportation plan!

Help shape transportation in Des Moines

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